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Get your popcorn, get your sodas, get your candy, and sit back a while! The Official SS OU Movie Theater has opened, and with it, a wide range of feature-length films about the SS OU metagame are now available for your viewing in one convenient place.
This resource is dedicated to the sharing and discussion of videos discussing, exploring, or simply just playing the SS OU metagame. We understand SS OU to be an incredibly popular format for both players and content creators alike, and it's because of this that we want to provide an outlet to both encourage and host this kind of content. Additionally, we believe this resource will be a great way for contributors to share their work in their own, creative way while providing a medium by which discussion points can be held regarding the metagame and videos surrounding them.

This thread can be used to post your videos, create discussion points around your videos, or simply just to discuss others' work/discussion points. This thread will be very easygoing for the most part, so, feel free to use it as an opportunity to express yourself and your stances on the metagame in your own way!

The kinds of videos we allow to be posted are:

1: Discussion videos
2: Analysis videos
3: Tournament coverage
4: Showdown lives (if there is a central focus/purpose)

With this said, though, there will be some quality control. In order to post your videos, you must first be an approved creator; the process in order to be approved, however, is not difficult whatsoever. Simply just DM me with your YouTube channel, some video examples, and you'll most likely be added to the approved creator section. This is simply to make sure that we don't get an influx of random, unproductive videos that don't pertain to the SS OU metagame, add anything to discussion, or are simply being posted for the sake of self-promotion.

We hope this resource will provide you all with a good way to express yourself creatively! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know.
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To kick things off and set an example of how this thread will work, I'm going to post a video I made recently on Slowtwin-styled FuturePort strategies and the impacts they have on the tier.

I personally feel as though FuturePort when facilitated by the Slowtwins is a strategy that could considerably be fairly unhealthy and heavily constrain turn-to-turn play. Slowking has centralized the tier; more specifically, has defined the state of many Balanced Offenses. Slowking is incredible at getting off Future Sight since it can take advantage of a lot of special wallbreakers for FuturePort opportunities, while deterring physical switch-ins with its Scald. It slots itself phenomenally with other defensive proponents like Landorus-T, Ferrothorn, Garchomp, and Corviknight, and naturally pairs well with recipients like Zeraora and Urshifu-R. Slowking alone has made Balanced Offense one of the most effective playstyles in the tier as merit of its defensive role compression alongside having easy access to FuturePort to support offensive teammates and easily enforce progress. Slowbro has seen less use, but it can still check things like Excadrill and physical Rain abusers like Barraskewda, but its weaknesses to common physical wallbreakers, as well as its proneness to being overwhelmed by boosted attacks make it less viable than Slowking. However, the main appeal in addition to having very solid role compression is the ability to enforce a major form of progress unlike anything else in the tier, to the point where challenging it can put you on the backfoot.

Basically, in short: I wanted to get a bit more discussion going and get your guys's thoughts on the strategy and how it's executed; whether if it's problematic, if it's centralizing, or if it can be kept in check. What do you guys think about it?


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I made a video discussing the recent viability ranking slate involving the S and A rank Pokemon. We had two new Pokemon rise to S rank and some serious shifts within the A ranks as well. Don’t think I need to expand on much else as the video and the slate itself cover if, but if you’re interested in more analysis, it may be a good watch, especially if you love low budget lazy adobe spark Friends reference thumbnails.

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So many a times we open the Ladder and they try to find replays of the Top Guys in it, however due to privacy we don't get any most of the times.
Here is my series for all those who wonder what teams these guys use to achieve so high ladder ratings. ( Video is not recent though, like a months old ).
Thanks ausma for the approval!

I'm currently making a series of using creative teams from the OU Bazaar SS OU forum and laddering with them. This episode consists of using a creative Tauros team that someone in the Bazaar created. Hope you guys enjoy the video! Also have a playlist going if you want to see the rest of the episodes.


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We all want to watch whats happens at the actual peak of the SS OU Ladder but all replays are hidden, people don't want to show what happens at the absolute peak. Here is a game showcase of how it is to play at the absolute peak.
( Please skip the part after the original battle finishes, PS was lagging way too much )
But hope this helps.
I live recorded Smogon Tour 31 Finals and wanted to share this here, due to this being probably one of my favourite videos to record, and due to this being the most hype series and games of Pokemon I've ever watched live in terms of tournament coverage

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